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There is no great mystery about how to study for Psychology A-level. Being an insightful, creative genius plays little part in any A-level. To be honest, hard work, focus and determination have got a lot more to do with it. Before you start you need to satisfy yourself that you have good syllabus notes to work from. Although most textbooks are fine in places they have a tendency to either not give enough detail on certain topics or give too much information which can be just as bad. PsychLogic provides full lists of past paper questions and model answers stretching back years all relevant to the new syllabus. As long as you have great syllabus notes and lots of past paper questions the rest is really up to you. You are competing against people who are going to put in a hell of a lot of hard work so you need to work as hard as or harder than them. And you need to think about what hard work really is. But — you will need to push yourself.

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Majeed and M. The maths revision site. Statistics 2. Courant: Variational methods for the solution of problems of equilibrium and vibrations. This is an old and good book of mathematical method.

developing memory techniques that suit you will be useful for life. Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve and become easier to recall at speed. Effective revision is an on-going process, not a in advance of the exam start date. • At all costs avoid.

Yesterday I came across this great activity for Revision. I have already used it with 2 classes and they both loved it. I tweeked it a little by adding bonus points if students mentioned certain things in their writing. Well worth giving it a go. Thanks to Paul Joseph who tweeted this great link of Revision Tips for students. It is well worth sharing with your students.

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So, for example, there are new specimen papers for Papers F5 to F9 for exams from September because the format of these exams is changing. BPP Learning Media is dedicated to supporting aspiring business professionals with top quality learning material as they study for demanding professional exams, often whilst working full time. The paper is an extensive secondary research on the effects of shale gas supply and demand on the energy dependency of the United States. The ACCA qualification is recognised all around the world for its high standards of expertise, professionalism and ethics.

Students must know that … The ACCA qualification is divided into 2 parts the 1 st part is fundamentals which are subdivided into a knowledge module and skill module. Many students have problems choosing which combination of ACCA exams to sit.

A fantastic list of practical ideas and tips to improve teacher read more Download Revision speed dating in Word format Download Revision speed dating in.

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Working on their weakest areas should be your priority, however, it is sometimes hard at these final stages to identify the weakest topic to tackle. Here are a couple of simple strategies to help identify their weaknesses:. It is such a hard time of year for our pupils — sometimes they just need a boost in confidence to encourage them to keep their revision going. I generally stick to the format of:. Using rewards can boost confidence and spur on last-minute revision.

Click To Tweet. A simple revision activity such a speed dating will get pupils to review many topics within a lesson. A school is a very busy and noisy place during the day. Allowing pupils a quiet place to work at break and lunchtime will allow them the choice to revise quietly and will ultimately make them feel valued. Even the calmest of students can feel the pressure at this time of year. Assure them that, if they put in the effort with their revision, they can only try their best.

Your presence at the start of the exam will be a friendly face of reassurance to them, helping to calm them and put them in the right frame of mind to achieve their potential. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for content and updates!

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Exam Countdown. As exams get closer, we look at what students can achieve in a short period of revision.

A child does 5. Understanding Physics Concepts requires. Else at the time of exam of physics class 11, there is not much to be asked from the topic. By using the mass, the number of nitrogen atoms present in each of the compound given in exercise 51 is to be determined. Webreview – Practice Tests. Textbook Authors: Hewitt, Paul G.

For this collision, if the change in momentum of glider 1 is Production of Sound Sound is produced due to the vibration of objects. Practice Test: Chapter 5.

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Here’s 17 unbelievable revision tips from CGP to help anyone studying for school exams pass with flying colours.

If one of your resolutions for is to work more productively, check out these 25 tips to help you achieve your goal. Invest in good furniture An uncomfortable chair not only makes it harder to concentrate on your studies, but it can also do long-term damage to your back. Declutter and tidy Mess creates stress, and a disorganized study area does not make for a productive student.

Buy nice stationery Invest in some nice stationery that you enjoy using — pens, pencils, notepads, folders, paper, even things like coloured paper clips or Post-It notes. Alternatively, go and study in the library at school or university. Not everyone can concentrate with background music on, but many people find that listening to music can help increase their productivity and concentration levels.

Some kinds of music are admittedly more appropriate than others; heavy metal may be less conducive to concentration than some relaxing orchestral music! Make your phone off limits There are few things more distracting than the constant receiving of text messages or phone calls from your friends, so for the duration of each study period, your phone should be off limits. Switch the TV off No matter how well you might think you can work with the television on, the fact of the matter is that you will be far less productive if you try to get some homework done in front of it.

One solution is to deactivate your Facebook account for periods of intense study, but a less drastic answer to this problem is to install some software on your computer to create a distraction-free digital environment.

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It has helped capture those multi-trajectory needs and had another subject teacher coming down to ask about it as the students declared for its benefits in their subsequent lessons. Unit summary sheet with content divided into topics and framed as key questions that cover the spec. Each pair is allocated a different unit topic to work on.

They select a question by a throw of the dice one dice if there are Qs, 2 dice if there are etc. The timer starts and they write down all they know on that topic in the 3 minutes allocated. One side of the desks is then asked to move 2 places down the row; the one remaining is asked to move on to the next category of topic questions with their new partner — and roll the dice to begin a new round.

A technique that has gone down well with my Y12s this week has been ‘Speed-​Dating Revision’. It has helped capture those multi-trajectory.

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